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what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." stick around for "the daily rundown" which chuck todd. well, as if things couldn't get more heated, everyone rach ets up the rhetoric on the debt ceiling deadline. president obama warns about social security checks while mitch mcconnell says it is impossible to make with this president and calls for a hail mary punt. a legislative magic trick that just might get used. president obama shatters fund dz raising efforts or did he? we'll cut through this morning's headlines about the campaign's big haul and tell you why we're a tad underwemed. >> >> dyou got to check the sel date, it's wednesday, july 13th, 2013. i'm chuck todd, an unbelievable hump day, feels like it's forever bigger here in washington, where i begin my first read this morning.
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it's the beginning of the end game for negotiations on the federal debt. with pessimism building that leerds will produce a deal and avoid default mitch mcconnell proposed plan c, a contingency, what i like to call the hail mary punt. he set the stage on the senate floor with this pretty rough attack on the president. >> after years of discussions and months of negotiations, i have little question that as long as this president is in the oval office a real solution is probably unattainable. >> mr. mcconnell said the day i was elected that his job was to try to see me beat. i'll have to explain how it is that we're going to avoid default because i'm going to be president here for at least another year and a half. >> right after that interview, mcconnell unveiled this plan c. he would hand over to the president total authority to raise the $14.3 trillion debt
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limit and congress would authorize 2.5 trillion in three increments. time to remind the public it's only democrats responsible for this. the plan is hardly getting enthusiastic reception from conservatives because it's the ultimate kick the plan down the road and the president could veto, it's avote of disapproval that has to happen, not an approval and back doorway to have no responsibility. conservatives not happy. >> republicans weren't elected last november to make it easier to spend and borrow and add to our debt. >> the way it's written, i think is basically a surrender by the republicans. >> senator mcconnell's plan in your estimation could never pass the house? >> i don't know that. again senator mcconnell said it's a last ditch backup plan. >> tea party backed utah congressman jason chaf fets, don't know what in the world
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they are thinking, stupid idea. we're going to talk to him on the daily rundown tomorrow. the bottom line was at the white house meeting yesterday, nobody dismissed this idea. and what one scenario painted to me said, a part of the mcconnell plan will end up getting used and in order to get it through the house maybe there will be some of the spending cuts, not a lot, but some. and then it hands it all over to the president. we'll see how this plays. at 4:00 today congressional leaders head back to the white house yet again. yesterday's nearly two-hour meeting was closed to camera but the awkward pauses when the leaders went on camera say something about the distrust built on both sides. >> i do trust that when john tells me something he means it. i think that his challenge right now is inside his caucus. >> do you believe he's being an honest broker? >> i think the president is trying -- trying to get there
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but their insistence on us raising taxes is continuing to prevent us from getting this done. >> there was some testy exchanges at the meeting, particularly between eric cantor and president obama during that closed door session. you heard the rough comments of mcconnell said about the president but at the same time, that didn't come up. today's meeting they are supposed to start digging into the details on the cuts. they've punted revenues right now. they haven't talked about revenues and didn't talk about it yesterday and apparently it's not on the schedule today. so we're seal this mcconnell plan, it's the escape hatch, it's got support, wall street editorial page, but can't it get through the house republicans. we have a second quarter fundraising numbers from the obama campaign it's good but is it great? he raised $47 million in the three months ending in june, with 550,000 donors contributing to the campaign, an average of
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$69 per donation, more than the combined 35 million republicans raised in the same period minus michele bachmann. that beefs up the numbers to $86 million and the fact of the matter is this, the dnc and a presidential or rnc in a presidential election are one in the same. they are one in the same. and the focus has been on these big donations. and one of the arguments that the obama campaign is making is that all of these small donors will be there for the long haul. this is jim warning about the fund raising landscape and the need for more donations. >> we have reason to be proud of what we built so far but it's going to get tougher from here. gop outside spending for 2012 could be as much as $500 million. your job, my job and our job is to bring more people into this
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campaign. >> we shall see. they have a lot of room to grow with their own small donors, that's been the argument. 31 out of 35 fundraising events the president did were dnc fundraising events. when you look at the $47 million figure it's less than the combined obama hillary figure from 2007 in that second quarter and it is less when you do the apples to apples with president bush. everybody by the way seemed to not miss their initial -- not make it to their initial targets in fund raising this cycle. i think it says something there's been no inflation in fundraising. is it the economy? frustration with washington? burnout? we'll see. if it's wednesday, that means we've got election results and what was a nasty race in california, janice hahn beat republican craig huey in a special election judging by the democrats reg station advantage, that 9 point margin of victory
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was tighter than it should have been. steve israel is chairman of the democratic campaign committee. i'm sure you've got the football mentality, winning isn't everything, it's the only thing here. you won. but why was this closer than it should have been? >> well, look, this is a democratic district but it has never been a slam dunk democratic district number one. number two, i agree that the fact is a win is a win is a win. janice hahn ran on protecting medicare. she ran on not accepting republican proposition that we ought to end medicare in order to fund tax cuts for big oil companies and that is why she won. these a great candidate. she will be a great member of congress. second, this is consistent with the strategy we em employed from day one, we'll go on offense against republicans who are on the extreme right and we will defend democratic districts and we are 2-0 in that proposition. we won a republican district in new york and protected a
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democratic district in california, i'll take a 2-0 record any day of the year. >> you said medicare came up in the campaign, a big talking point when it comes to the potential that you have for winning back the house. does the president's willingness to do some cuts in medicare, maybe it's not to directly to beneficiaries but essentially a cut into the program is a cut in the program. do you worry that hurts your messaging in 2012? >> house democrats have said from day one and the president emphatically agreed two days ago that we are open to negotiating ways to improve medicare, strengthen medicare, reform medicare. we will not negotiate an end to medicare. we will not negotiate a voucherization of met camedicar leaving seniors with a $6 billion bill for health care but saying to corporate america you're off the hook. that is why we're doing as well
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as we're doing. there's one group of people willing to defend medicare and say we will not cut medicare benefits, pure and simple. there's another group of people saying, let's cut medicare benefits, let's let seniors pay the price for debt and let the bill corporations off the hook. >> there seems to be a dividing line when it comes to the two big entitlement programs, democrats and the president included if there's any savings found in social security wants to put it back into social security. that same pledge isn't being made with medicare. is that a mistake? >> neither medicare or social security should be a piggy bank that funds tax cuts and funds corporate tax loopholes. >> are you comfortable with medicare being used in the deficit reduction talks? >> any should be plowed back into strengthening medicare. we may be able to find savings in medicare and some efficiencies but we shouldn't use those to take away from
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benefits. we should use those to strengthen medicare and prolong medicare. >> i want to talk about the debt ceiling and put up this chart, it may show why some americans have a lot of cynicism when it comes to politics in washington. in march of 2006 when the debt ceiling -- when president bush asked for it to be raised, mcconnell and boehner and cantor kyl voted yay and you and obama and pelosi voted no. i know nobody likes to do the debt ceiling vote and it looks like whatever is the convenient politics of the time, do you regret voting against that in 2006? >> chuck let me say two things. we have said consistently that house democrats would support -- many of us support a clean vote on the debt ceiling. we understand we cannot afford to become a default nation. we have said that we would support a fair vote on the debt ceiling but we would not support voting for a debt ceiling that
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reduces medicare benefits in order to fund the protection of corporate tax loopholes. and we continue to say that. notwithstanding what may have happened in the past, we continue to say we have a responsibility for a balanced package. and many democrats will vote. in fact, all democrats will vote for a balanced package. but every time we talk about a balanced package, the republicans say no, not willing to negotiate that. >> let me ask you about this mitch mcconnell hail mary punt, whatever you want to call it, this idea to sort of reverse the way congress would work on this for the next two years, which is instead of a vote of approval on debt ceiling the congress would have to vote to disapprove of it. but in order to change the rules you've got to get a normal vote of approval on that. can you support something like that as a last-ditch effort to avoid default? >> i'm thankful senator mcconnell has come to the recognition that we cannot afford to default and we've got to extend the debt ceiling in august.
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i'm thankful he's come to that conclusion and now thinking a different way to do that. this does sound like a rue gold burg contraption, but we will look at it and will consider it as long as at the end of the day it leads to a balance package that doesn't ask the middle class and seniors to fund corporate tax loopholes. >> thanks for joining me this morning. up next, as the clock ticks down to getting a deal on the debt. is wall street putting too much trust into congress? plus, mcconnell's, how long before the last choice option is the only option? what do presidential candidates and missing ads on milk have in common? first a look ahead at the president's schedule. the big one, another meeting, another day, 4:00 in the white house, hot rhetoric? we'll see. you're watching "the daily
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one of the big arguments you hear in the debt debate is the potential doom's day scenario but so far wall street hasn't reacted. the dow is heading towards a big open. the financial world assumes congress will eventually get its act together. why do they believe? is this time different? a weekly political columnist. i don't understand the confidence wall street has does anybody have a memory of the t.a.r.p. vote? congress has already ignored warnings before. >> i think there's two things going on. a two-way misunderstanding, i think that wall street looks at
9:17 am
congress at a bunch of idiots who get their act together because they've done it in the past. i think people in washington especially certain republicans don't understand if you default on the debt there will be hell to pay. you have both parties moving along ignoring the danger. >> one of things that everybody is sort of saying, the base of the republican party, how come their ignoring this? how is it they don't see this with wall street? but look at what wall street -- wall street claimed they did all of this ka bookky theater over the last ten years. wall street lied to the american public for 12 years. is it no wonder that there's a lot of people that don't believe them? >> i think there's something to that. they don't have enormous credibility with voters especially the kind of angry populist that drove the last election. the other thing is that ordinary people who have a 401(k) and
9:18 am
have money in the stock market haven't even the effects of this. the main reason is all of the turmoil in europe, the situation in greece and italy right now is keeping interest rates down and having more of an impact on the credit markets than the possibility of a default on the debt ceiling, but that could all change really any day between now and august 2nd. >> the irony for the u.s. right now, while our economy is not doing great around the world but because europe is in freefall right now with all of its various problems and every day a different country on the verge of defaulting, by comparison it makes the united states look stronger? >> exactly. the argument you hear, you've got to put your money somewhere. you're not going to put it in greek debtor italian debt -- if you're ron paul you do the smart thing and put it in gold. >> obviously the mitch mcconnell plan tells you something that he realizes you can't get a deal through with this republican house.
9:19 am
>> i think that's one reason why the financial markets today looks like they are going to be breathing a sigh of relief. >> you think the mcconnell plan may have potentially -- >> potentially -- i think what mcdonnell did was jump in front of a bullet and stop john boehner from losing his speakership if he tries to strike this grand bargain. i think the danger that people don't think about or recognize yet is the mcconnell plan will have a really hard time getting through the house. if is it doesn't, then what happens? do we wind up with another t.a.r.p. scenario? that's what people should be worried about now. >> what is it that wall street -- when you say they want grand bargain, when they are not going to get a grand bargain, they get a raise in the debt ceiling. why should wall street be happy with that? in many ways didn't they want the big deal? isn't it possible wall street says wait a minute, you guys aren't ever going to strike? >> that's been the tea party argument all along. you can't keep punting it down
9:20 am
the road. that's the shame of boehner's epic loss here is that he could have done something with obama that would have both raised the debt ceiling and reformed entitlements and gone a long way toward fixing the spending problem. that's not going to happen now. that still has to be a long-term concern for the markets. >> we don't know how it will end but it seems like wall street does everybody. josh green of the atlantic and columnist for "the boston globe", how about that? >> been doing it for a while. >> up next, we'll get a check on wall street before the bell. apparently mcconnell's hail mary punt worked. how many times has flor been the most ee lek tore rich state to be a flipper from red to blue and blue to red with the previous presidential election? i'll have the answer and more coming up on "the daily
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. developing news, we're a few minutes away from the start of the day on wall street. becky quick. something going on both in the crazy news corp deal plus -- the mcconnell punt. >> you can tie this back. i want to talk about the breaking news coming out that news corp is announcing that it is withdrawing its bid for british sky broadcasting, this is probably a response to what's happening in washington. this is a way to try to stop the hemorrhaging we heard from senator rockefeller that he was considering looking into news corp's actions on this, whether any u.s. laws had been broken with the phone tapping scandal. this is something "the news of the world" has been accused of and there's been a lot of different news coming out on
9:25 am
this. news corp has taken extraordinary actions including shutting down "news of the world" and now putting out of the deal he's been going off for a long time, trying to get a hold of that company. at this point the company just put out a release that says we believe that the proposed acquisition would benefit two companies but it's clear it's too difficult to progress in this climate. already shares of b sky by have been pressure before the open. we'll continue to keep an eye on this. there's also a lot of pressure coming from washington in terms of what to do about the debt ceiling. a lot of people we talked to today still think a deal will get reached that this is a lot of political theater but keeping an eye on what bernanke is going to say when he heads to capitol hill. he'll testify before the house taking questions about the economy, where things stand, what he thinks about the debt ceiling talks and whether or not the fed would actually come on
9:26 am
with qe 3, yesterday at this time we were talking about the futures down in the triple digit. this morning they are up above than 60 points because of what we heard yesterday, the minutes showed that there is a camp within the federal reserve that thinks if the economy continues to be so lousy, that we should actually see another form of stimulus through qe 3. now that immediately made oil prices jump several dollars. it made the futures pick up and stock markets picture up. chuck, there's going to be a lot riding on what he has to say today. >> very fast on the deal on the debt, everybody believes there is going to be a deal but is there a bad deal versus good deal or simply raising the ceiling is enough? >> they were talking about it that you can expect the deelt will be smaller than the $4 trillion number, at least that's what the market wants to see and they prefer to see the cuts come in the forward years not in the backward years. my guess is you'll probably see
9:27 am
something that looks like a whole lot of nothing to most of the market players anyway. >> but they want cuts and want some cuts with it. up next, did you know presidential candidates have a shelf life? why shopping for candidates is like shopping for groceries in the dairy aisle, you have to check the sell-by date first. which are fresh and which ones are stale and which may not be ripe enough yet? how many lawmakers does it change to change a light bulb. this is "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. what's up, smart? oh, just booked a summer vaycay. ooo. sounds pricey? nah, with the summer sale, you can find awesome deals for places nearby. interesting... wow, i'm blown away.
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9:31 am
the details of what to cut. following an emotional memorial on thus, the remains of first lady betty ford will be flown to grand rapids, michigan today. she'll be buried next to her husband at the gerald ford museum. investors will be watching bernanke's testimony in the next hour. he's expected to drilled on the debt. other stories making headlines, happy trails ron paul, at least in the house of representatives. in a message on his facebook page, he noted he would not seek re-election in the house in order to focus on the presidential campaign. there is one other sitting member of the house running for president, michele bachmann, we haven't heard from her whether she is ready not to file for re-election in minnesota.
9:32 am
the obama administration is sharpening its rhetoric on syria. he stopped short of calling on assad to step down jay carney said on tuesday that assad is quote, not indispensable. lights out for republican house bill to overturn light bulb efficiency standards expected to be phased in. the better use of light bulb or bulb house went down in the house by a vote of 233-193. it would have repeeled provision in a energy bill that would have phased out the inefficient light bulbs that don't brighten up your bathroom the same way. big one in the national league for the national league in the all sta-star game in cha field. the nl's five runs came on nine hits including a three-run homer in the bottom of the fifth i believe it was by mvp prince
9:33 am
fielder. by the way it was really fun to see the brian wilson year old beard, the what was -- what did it look like last year and what does it look like now? it's a little nutty now. you wouldn't go to the supermarket and buy molding bread or take home a melon without giving it a squeeze. most people can't get mitt romney's head a squeeze that doesn't mean there's not a freshness test. there's a strict sell-by date for candidates and goes all the way back to teddy roosevelt. jonathan, you've written this column a few times and i remember the first time you wrote it it was one of these great breakthrough things. tell me about the freshness test when it comes to running for president. >> it's simple, amazingly robust since the time of teddy roosevelt. no one gets elected president in america who needs more than 14 years to become either vice
9:34 am
president or president from first major election, major election means governor or senator because no one gets elected from the house with the one exception of garfield. which means there's a 14-year sell by date. if you've been around more than 14 years -- >> in one of these major posts. >> and it's winning it, not just running and losing? >> first eye lelection to those. the only exception is if you're vice president, the clock stops while you're vice president. >> because you're sitting there in and already won your national election. >> quickly, this wasn't your original idea, you had an o anonymous source. >> deep throat on the 14-year, john mcconnell, speechwriter from president bush who couldn't take credit. >> let's look at the current field. here the candidates we've got, the romney, pawlenty, santorum, huntsman and gingrich and paul
9:35 am
bachmann kaine and roemer. what is the minimum standard here? >> you've got to have some political experience unless you have won world war ii or the civil war. if you have zero years behind you if you're her man cain or keys you're out. >> i don't count house. >> i don't count house. for whatever reason the public does not seem to regard a house career as a squall fiction for president. >> that crosses out bachmann and paul and cain. now, who doesn't pass the test, the 14 years? in this case the stale ka candidates, gingrich and huntsman and roemer. >> i think we don't really have a test of that but given the benefit of the doubt, even as speaker of the house he's stale, 18 years, sorry mr. gring rich.
9:36 am
>> that leads romney and pawlenty and huntsman. only one of those three guys is fresh enough in the announced field to be elected president? >> it's a very small field when you look at the freshness test. >> mitt romney ran in 1994 but by losing his clock didn't tick until 2002. >> you don't get stale until you get in there. >> at this point so 2002 we're up to year nine, does this mean this is romney's last shot? >> no, ten years in 2012, he could run again in 2016 and technically he could make it. he's still pretty fresh. >> but huntsman is more ripe in four years. >> he has until 2018. romney is an interesting combination, a front-runner with experience but not too much experience, a pretty good place to be. >> we have three other potential candidates four if you count
9:37 am
rude rudy giuliani. you don't start the clock until he took over the governorship. >> a lot of fresh candidates have long back stories in legislatures or whatever, public doesn't know -- >> chris christie his clock started ticking in 2009, does that mean he's probably not ripe enough in 2012? >> we'll see but the tendency has been the riper the better. in 2000 and 2008 bush and obama, the two candidates who got to be president, rule that aside whether bush should have been, were the two most inexperienced. so the public seems to be liking freshness more and more. >> and how would michele bachmann suddenly if she ended up with the nomination and ended in the white house, how would she fit this? >> she's a rule changing in a lot of ways. she would finally jump the house of representatives if she became president.
9:38 am
>> jonathan, it's a fun little game to play. makes a lot of sense when you think about it both substantively and having fun in the grocery store aisle. good to see you. >> thanks. >> it's hump day panel time. we'll break down mitch mcconnell's hail mary punt and the latest news from the campaign trail and the obama campaign's fuzzy campaign map, why $86 million sounds better than it might be. first the soup of the day, it's tomato soup but we like to see roasted red pepper and tomato because it makes it sound fresher. it's warmed over gazpacho. all they did was heat it up, right? [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union
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you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. vice president bush has power of the presidency to cover the time that the president would be under anesthesia and during the time of the immediate
9:42 am
recovery. >> it's '80s flashback week. in 1985 for first time in american history a president of united states had to temporarily hand over power to the vice president under the 25th amendment. george h.w. bush served as acting president for eight hours. he was a one term and eight-hour president. also, speaker john boehner declined to shoot down his counterpart's fallback plan. he made it clear yesterday it is a last resort. >> i think everybody believes there needs to be a backup plan. that idea and there are other ideas out there in terms of backup plans. >> the president says you know i would like senator mcconnell's plan and you can't get it through the house, isn't that isolating house republican snz. >> again, this is a backup plan. >> senator mcconnell's plan in your estimation could never pass the house. >> i don't know that. again, senator mcconnell said it's a last-ditch backup plan.
9:43 am
>> did you get that? it's a backup plan? ruth marcus for the "washington post" and former congressman tom davis, chairman of the nrcc. up guys missed the budget shutdown, that was nothing. that was a picnic. >> that was practice. mitch mcconnell hail mary punt is what i nicknamed it. it is what it is. it's getting panned by a lot of sort of grass roots conservatives and some presidential candidates including one with a little bit of experience when it comes to budget shutdowns. here's what newt gingrich said about it. >> the washington media will tell you we made a huge mistake closing the government in '95 and 96. i will tell you as one of the people who did it, that is baloney. i will say to the republicans in washington today, you have to have the courage to stand for what you believe in and when you do, the country will reward you with a dozen seats in the u.s.
9:44 am
senate, 30 or 40 more house seats and republican president. >> revisionist history by speaker gingrich, do you remember that being the case? by the way, the budget shutdown, what did it do, it gained democrats seats in the house in '96 and re-elected the democratic president of the united states. >> i had 54,000 federal employees, don't tell me it was a popular plan. we cut our losses and moved on. let me just say, this is the topic of the summer but next year it will be unemployment. you go a year from now and fast forward and we get through this. what you worry about this thing gets so bad and interest rates tick up and you're in a downward spiral and the republicans could end up owning this. right now president obama owns the outcome. >> harry reid just now a few minutes ago called mitch mcconnell's proposal, putting the burden on democrats but giving the president all the power in the world, he called it
9:45 am
thoughtful and unique. what does that tell you? >> what it tells me and i hate to say this as a former member of the house, is that the adults in the room are the two senate leaders right now and that nothing can pass the house initially. something will pass the senate will then be sent to the house and the house will reluctantly accept it, might turn it down the first time. you cannot originate anything the way things are divided right now. >> ruth marcus, mitch mcconnell took a bullet for john boehner, right? grass roots conservatives are ticked. they said it's good to see so many people who supported t.a.r.p. come out and support mcconnell's capitulation. >> i spent a lot of time reading
9:46 am
conservative blog and other reaction yesterday afternoon after the goldberg meets karl rove plan came out. it was kind of mixed. eric erickson was out there. there's definitely some potential political peril for senator mcconnell and political upside for senator mcconnell, not only does he find a way out, but he gets to allow his members to avoid taking a tough vote and gets to make a lot of democratic senators take a tough vote. >> i've heard this argument and republicans have made this argument, i had one say to me, boy, they should be thanking mitch mcconnell. we have a immediate i can't tme before the election. do we think the public is that easy to manipulate on this deal? >> congress has spent a long time avoiding tough issues and
9:47 am
it never seems to work if things on the ground are not going well. the economy is still in shambles. the debt keeps rising and it's a bubble over here like we see in europe. this just kicks the can down the road. it prevents something really bad from happening but the problems are still there. that's what congress is ultimately going to be -- >> should they be afraid of this plan, it's going to -- >> no, because if the true believes prevail on the republican side and you have a default, it hurts the republicans enormously in the election. i think. >> they get ownership at that point? >> they don't own the disaster if they stand firm and say we're not going to vote to raise the debt ceiling regardless. then it backs very difficult situation for the republicans. i think they can lose the house under those circumstances. >> i think this is a more complicated version of a clean vote on debt ceiling, which is why it should be attractive in a lot of ways to democrats. i'm not thrilled about it because it gives up the chance
9:48 am
to get a bigger deal. >> no one is thrilled about it. i'm still in mourning on that. >> what's going to happen. this will go to the election and this will be decided after the next presidential election. we all understand that. >> ruth marcus, stick around with me, we're going to talk a little bit about president obama's fund dz raising numbers. trivia time, since 1832 how many times has florida been the most ee lek tore rich state to flip from red to blue or blue to red? the answer didn't have it. unbelievable. three times and for bonus points, the years, 1996, 2000 and 2008. it's all new my friends, florida is a new swing state. thanks to my friends for doing that analysis. they might know more about this than even tom davis. we'll see. our panelists sticking with us to look at why obama's $86 million fundraising hall sounds
9:49 am
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let's bring back our panel. ruth marcus, martin frost and staum davis. martin, the obama camp did a good job this morning by making the headline $86 million. >> it's a big number. >> i was looking -- i've been waiting to look at the split between what was raised in the campaign and the dnc. $86 million, good, great? were you surprised at the campaign number not being higher. >> no. because it's a good -- the president was emphasizing raising for the dnc. he wanted to get money into the dnc early, then he raises money for his re-elect afterwards. also, it's the economy. this say tough environment to raise money. so while it was a good number, it probably would have been higher, and the republicans' numbers would have been higher thad the economy -- >> and that's what's amazing here. when you look at obama's campaign raised $47 million.
9:53 am
apples to apples with republicans. they collectively raised about $32 to $35 depending on what the number is and bachmann might add another five to six. all of them down from four years ago. >> chuck, let's go outside the box here. where is the money going? who are these third party groups? these are going out to the super pacs. >> you think big donors are like, why invest in there? >> absolutely. >> tom davis, mitch mcconnell and martin frost were all opposed to mccain/feingold for that very reason. that the money was going to go to third party groups. >> weaken the political parties. >> money going to decide this election? >> no. but it's not going to hurt. i think we have to say, to talk about $66 million as the potentially disappointing or somewhat small number. >> of course. >> it's pretty -- it's a pretty amazing haul. but i think it's true, we were here last week talking about the republican numbers. the thrill is gone on both sides. the money is waiting on the republican side to see how
9:54 am
things shake out there. energized. so the democratic donors will open up their checkbooks and pocketbooks but not the way they did. >> a reminder that money is being grinded out? it's just like what this election is going to be. it's a grind it out election. >> i've raised money -- i've raised money in a tough economic climate before, and it is hard, when people are not happy with their. >> all right, want to move to a quick quinnipiac poll this morning, when you talk about the strength and surge of mikell washingtonman. you start seeing bachmann getting a little bit closer to mitt romney. quinnipiac with sarah palin in the race, romney 25, bachmann 14, palin 12, perry 10. now, take away sarah palin, what the actual field could look like, it's romney 28, bachmann 17, perry 10. by the way, perry doesn't move at all. cain 6 and paul 6, gingrich 6. sorry, tim pawlenty didn't crack the 6 barrier. i think that says something
9:55 am
there. michele bachmann, how strong of a candidate is she? is she a place holder for tea party or is she starting to sort of define, these are bachmann voters? >> she's starting to stake out that right ground and crowd the others out of this field at this point. i mean i think at this point she's a real contender and within the republican coalition, it's going to come down to -- >> i can't believe i'm saying this, rick perry waited too long. >> no, he hasn't waited too long. i don't think obama -- excuse me, i don't think that michelle bachmann is a real contender. i think the press has given her a free pass. she's kind of different. they've been easy on her. and i think -- >> a free pass? >> i think it's -- >> you think michele bachmann thinks she's got a free pass? >> i think she has. and i think eventually it turns against her. >> well, it definitely started to turn, if it didn't already start out that way. i think she's a contender in terms of influencing the race, not in terms of winning the nomination. >> shameless plugs. >> the winning pitcher in the all-star game.
9:56 am
>> didn't record it now. >> winning pitcher, haet what they call him. >> martin frost. >> politico tomorrow about you can look at the political photos that go with stories to tell when a candidate goes in decline. you will know when michele bachmann goes in decline when they start using peculiar-looking photos of her. >> i brought my knitting, because if more people in washington knit, we'd all be calmer, and we'd have a better time tending to our knitting and getting something accomplished. >> i love that. >> too much sports talk. >> i knew it was going to be hard to top that. good to have you back. always a pleasure. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow on the show, congressman who called senator mcconnell's debt ceiling plan, quote superid. tea party backed congressman jason chaffetz will join us. up next, chris jansing will speak to bernie sanders and jim clyburn. at 1:00, don't miss "andrea mitchell reports."
9:57 am
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